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"How To Get Paid to Perform" Starter Kit

Discover the EXACT Steps I took to go from Making No Money Performing to Making $13,000 in ONE MONTH Performing WITHOUT a Record Label, Manager, or Using Social Media

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What I'm Going to Show You....

The Fastest Way To Get Paid to Perform WITHOUT a Record Label, Manager, or using Social Media

I Cover the many ways to make money and the method I've used to help my students book paid shows in as little as 7 days!

How to Create an Awesome Show to get Venues and Agents Interested in Booking You!

There are Specific things to keep in mind when you want to get paid to perform! Talent alone won't do it, its about these SPECIFIC factors!

Tips and Tricks for Rappers

Rappers can have a thriving music career and can build it very quickly if you follow a few key steps. 

How to Create an Electronic Press Kit That Will Get you Booked

Most Artists completely skip this step and this is why most are broke and unemployed. This is the KEY thing that will increase your chances of getting booked by 95%!

How to Get My Original Music Heard Without Having to Sell Tickets or Pay to Play

Check out how I used my methods to book shows quickly to also be able to promote my own recording music career!

How I Use "THIS FREE ONLINE TOOL" to Find Venues That Pay!

No more performing free shows, pay to play, or Karaoke nights. This is how I easily find venues in any area that is willing to pay artists and bands!

How do I Get Paid? How do I Get Travel Expenses Covered?

Here is how you collect your pay and how to get your expenses covered when booking shows out of town.

Conclusion and Other Resources!

Congrats! This is where to go from here...

These Testimonials are from REAL Results from REAL People Who Have Gone Through my Program!

On SALE! Will be $197 ONLY $47

Bonus #1

Winning Scripts Mega Bundle

These are the exact emails I send out to booking agents, fairs and festivals, and venues to get booked! This also contains the invoices I send to clients so I can collect on payment. I've done all the work for you! You can just copy and paste and include your own info

Bonus #2

My Behind The Scenes Process of How I Avoid Having to Audition For Shows!

99% of Artists Skip This Step and that is why most are NOT successful!

Bonus #3

Fire-Starter Set Lists

These are the exact songs I perform to speed up the process of me getting booked sometimes in as little as 7 days! It's how I get people to love my shows, venues to pay me, and how I've made more than 100K in one year! I am able to avoid having to sell tickets, pay to play, or do free shows and how I get people to get excited about hearing my original music too!

On SALE! Will be $197 ONLY $47

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